How To Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts Together Simultaneously from one Browser

Hi Everyone, all of you must have Facebook Accounts.

Facebook is undoubtedly the fastest growing and most popular social network in the world and we all love to stay connected with our friends on facebook.

Some of us even have more than one facebook accounts due to various reasons.

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We make fake accounts for disguising our identity. But isn’t it irritating to logout from one account and log back in to another?

Havent this question came to your mind that if you can manage all facebook accounts side by side then it would be better?

We even use Google Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer to login to each of accounts. 

Won’t it be easier if you can browse Facebook from one browser?

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That can be done! Its possible. Here’s the tricky part: We have written it for Google Chrome but can be used for any browser.

1. Log In to your primary Facebook Account.

2. Now right click on the “f” Button and choose OPEN IN INCOGNITO WINDOW.

3. You will see a new window opens and it asks your Facebook credentials again.

This is called incognito window. It never tracks your login data, your location, your browsing history, cookies nothing. Whenever in incognito you can do anything without being traced. 

4. Now in that newly opened incognito window, enter your login credentials for second facebook account.

You will see that it will login to facebook normally as if its totally new. You can check it yourself and you will be amazed to see.

5. Congrats! You just learnt how to open multiple facebook accounts from same browser simultaneously.

You can open as many windows as you like and browse all your facebook accounts together. Thanks for reading. Do share if you like it!

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