3 Easy Ways To Detect Stealth Android Tracking Apps

It only takes a few minutes for someone to install a “stealth” Android tracking app (such as Mobile Spy or StealthGenie) on your Android cell.

Once an Android tracking app is on your cell, the person who installed the Android tracking app can track your every move.

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The good news is that although it’s almost impossible to find the app on your phone, there are a few simple things you can look out for which may signal you have a stealth Android tracking app installed.

Here are three of the most common signs that you might have an Android tracking app on your cell.

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1) Have you kept your phone with you at all times? There is absolutely no way to install stealth Android tracking apps without physical access to your phone.

If you are 100% sure nobody has used your Android phone, then the odds of your phone having a stealth tracking app installed is quite slim.

However, keep in mind that it only takes a few minutes to install, so make sure nobody has borrowed your phone — even for a few minutes.

2) Unusually High Bill? Stealth Android tracking apps need to use your data connection in order to transmit the GPS logs to a 3rd party server.  

This means if you rarely use your phone to surf the net or download apps, then a sudden increase in data traffic charges is a good sign that something is not right.

3) Battery Drain? Because Android tracking apps continuously report your location, you will notice a slight (or in some cases very large) reduction in how long your battery lasts.  

If you’ve been enjoying a long lasting battery, then all of the sudden you find yourself looking for your charger, chances are high that you might have an Android tracking app installed on your phone.

Although these three detection tips don’t cover all the signs, they are enough to make you more aware so that if you see something strange, you’ll know what could be going on.  

Remember, there is no way to install a stealth Android tracking app on your phone, so the absolute BEST way to ensure nobody installs an Android tracking app on your cell, is to never let it out of your site.

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