Data File Recovery How To Page for Windows Computers With Free Software

Okay, so you just deleted a very important data file, now what.

Just the other day I was trying to delete a file and accidentally deleted the whole folder with all my files in it.

Just as I did, I immediately looked into the recycling bin to recover my files. But, they weren’t in the recycling bin.

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So I installed that free data file recovery program and recovered most of my files. So, as you can see this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

Like most people I know, I don’t do daily data backups so it’s important to have at least one data file recovery program installed on your computer.

That is, Before you need it.

As long as your hardware was not physically damaged, there is a very good chance you will be able to recover your lost data files with the help of a free data recovery software.

Some important things to consider with your data recovery:

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First off, if your files are precious to you, do a data backup of your important files at least once a week.

You don’t need to backup Windows OS, you can reinstall Windows OS and the programs you use every day.

Second, it’s a good idea to have a data recovery software installed on your computer before you need it, as installing the software on the drive the lost data is on may permanently overwrite the data that was lost.

Whichever data recovery software tool you use after you lost the data, try running the software on a floppy disk, flash drive or CD.

If you have a second hard drive installed on your computer, try installing the data recovery software tool on that second hard drive. Because you don’t want to overwrite on the lost data.

Some Helpful Data Recovery Tips

1. As soon as you realize the data has been deleted, stop using your computer. Don’t turn it off. The less activity is better to avoid damaging the data with data swap activity.

2. Start your data recovery software on the computer and run it as soon as possible better odds of you recovering all your data that was lost.

3. If you can run your data recovery software, try to run it from a flash drive, floppy drive or another hard drive.

4. Save the recovered extracted data files to a flash drive, second hard drive for additional safety if at all possible.

5. If your computer hard drive is making a noise or reports a read I/O error, Do Not Proceed. That indicates a hard drive hardware failure so your data is not going to be recovered using a undelete style software recovery programs.

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