Motherboard Clock – How To make a Motherboard Clock from an old Motherboard?

Call me a tech geek, but I can’t stand to throw away a perfectly good piece of technology.

I have this seven-year-old still working, good-looking, computer motherboard that I removed from my gaming PC when I installed a new motherboard about 3 years ago.

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The old motherboard has been sitting in a box the last 3 years along with other old computer parts.

The motherboard looks brand-new, very colorful with a chrome cooling fan on the motherboard with 4 blue memory sticks on it.

Thinking green, I decided to make a wall clock from this seven-year-old motherboard.

Supplies Needed

1. Old Motherboard, a colorful one would look best.

2. A Clock Kit, you can buy at craft store.

3. White floor protectors round about 1”.

4. A hot glue gun for gluing the clock parts to the Motherboard.

5. A small cork bulletin board to mount the motherboard clock on it.

All you need to make a wall clock is an old motherboard, is a clock kit you could buy at your local craft store and a package of 1 inch round white floor protectors pads, sticky back.

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And of course a nice-looking old motherboard you no longer need.

First thing you need to do is to clean-off that old motherboard, shine up any shiny parts to make this motherboard look like new.

The one-inch floor protectors pads are used to highlight the numbers that you be sticking to the motherboard.

Using hot glue gun simply put a drop of hot glue on each number and press the number in the center of the floor protector pads. Note the picture below.

Now we need to find a place on the motherboard hot glue the clock black box.

Find a spot on the motherboard that has enough room for the clock black box plus room for the numbers and the clock arms to tell the time.

Don’t glue anything down yet, just move things around until you find a place that looks nice and has enough room for all the clock parts.

Once you find the right spot for your clock parts on the motherboard that you’re happy with your can start to hot glue the parts down.

Note: Be sure to insert the battery had set the proper time before you glue the parts in place.

Just a drop or two of hot glue will hold the parts in place, too much hot glue will make it hard to remove the parts in case you have to readjust the parts.

Notice I didn’t drill a hole through the motherboard and insert the clock in the motherboard from the back.

Instead I just glue the clock black box onto the face of the motherboard which is a lot easier to do.

I only used 4 number pads, the 12, 3, 6 and 9. More numbers would make it look too busy, but that’s up to you if you would like to add all the members to your clock.

Making the motherboard clock only took about an hour, it was very easy, most of the time was spent adjusting the clock position on the motherboard so look just right.

I found a cheap digital watch at the dollar store and decided to hot glue it onto the CPU cooling fan, it gives the motherboard clock a more digital look. I can always remove it later if I don’t like it.

I decided to frame the motherboard clock using a old and cork bulletin board I had in the garage.

I cut the old cork bulletin board down to the size of the motherboard, but large enough to leave the frame edge exposed around the motherboard after I mounted the motherboard to the bulletin board. Note the picture below.

My motherboard clock is now finished and mounted just above my computer desk. I must say it looks pretty darn good for a seven-year-old motherboard that was probably going to end up in a landfill somewhere.

Will your wife let you hang your motherboard clock in the living room?

I think not, but it would look really nice in your office or computer room above your desk.

Visitors will come to your office and stare at the wonderment of your motherboard clock creation and point to it and say “what’s that!” And you’ll reply with a geeks pride, “that’s my motherboard clock!”.

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